Blue Spirit

Blue Spirit is a Dutch company specializing in design and construction of patrol and rescue boats. Unsinkable boats with a rigid hull (RHIB) produced by Blue-Spirit model the highest quality, Number #1 among competitors. The company tries to accommodate all wishes of the customer according to the specifications of the boat, so Blue-Spirit individual.
The brand is known for excellent design and quality models and is also famous for the best prices in the market. All boats Blue-Spirit-built in the Netherlands. The package of any new OP and SP included modern engines and accessories.
15-years of experience on the construction of the boat gives the client the opportunity to order all original boat that meets all his needs.

Blue Spirit Line
Blue Spirit Patrol

Boats from the Danish company Blue Spirit produced by technology and represent a RIB of the vessel with hard bottom and inflatable sides high tensile strength. Boats rib equally well feel at calm water and in extreme conditions, which is why they enjoy high popularity among fans of fishing, river and sea trips, rafting and other outdoor water recreation.

Compared with conventional inflatable motor boats boats RIB have greater storage capacity, carrying capacity, and most importantly, reliability. Company Blue Spirit offers boats of this segment with flawless speed characteristics and high performance. Unsinkable, ultra-reliable, fast and manageable boats rib  from the well-known Danish company will open up the most opportunities.

The Blue Spirit boats meet all modern requirements regarding permeability and stability on the water. Due to the individual performance of this boat will meet all requirements and needs of the customer.

Distinctive features of the Blue Spirit boats are:

  • the hard bottom made of modern materials that provide unsinkable and steady in all conditions;
  • lightweight body combined with increased payload and capacity;
  • modern reliable engines with low fuel consumption and high performance;
  • increased security measures;
  • superior maneuverability and controllability;
  • high-quality materials, significantly increasing the service life of cutters;
  • perfect execution, well thought-out details.

Regardless of why you need boat rib, Blue Spirit guarantees that the ship will perform all the functions assigned to it. Both beginners and advanced Maritime travelers will find in boats of this brand reliable assistant.

Company Blue Spirit offers three main product lines boats:

  • Open Line boats length of 4.90 to 5.70 metres with a capacity of 8-14 people.
  • Sport Line boats length of 4.90 to 5.70 metres with a capacity of 8-14 people of advanced equipment.
  • Line Patrol – boats in length from 6.50 to 15 meters with high-performance engine.

All boats are supplied with a full set of equipment and is equipped to start sailing.