Drettmann Yachts

Jonacor Marine is exclusive distributor of Drettmann Yachts in Russia Ukraine and the CIS countries. A story of family success Drettmann has long been synonymous with high status, the personification of the great boats of different sizes and characteristics with the same unsurpassed quality and lasting value. The German company has over 40 years of experience in the yacht market. With her name firmly linked brands like Elegance, and legendary Horizon Bandido.

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Bandido Yachts/DEY

Long sea crossings, travel through the tropics and high latitudes, playing water sports and life on the ocean – all that is available for owners of the expedition yacht Drettmann.

The main activity of the company Drettmann Yachts construction of steel yacht, affecting its muscular exterior and well-thought-out internal space. Ocean-going yachts categories: from 21 to 45 meters from the first sight cause the thirst for adventure. They are as if created for travelling in remote places and malaysiana, which is confirmed by excellent performance: large power reserve, the highest level of comfort, the ability to accommodate a large number of additional equipment.

To create expedition yacht Drettmann Yachts began over 40 years ago. Since then, the company has created several legendary versions, but one of the most successful in this segment has become yacht Bandido. This range expedition yacht impressive settings, seaworthiness and autonomy combined with the ideal of a space. Steel yachts Bandido is equipped with a diesel engine-drive shaft that provides them with excellent performance characteristics. In General, we can say that the competition yachts Bandido could be only a few of the vessel.

This was before the advent of a series of DEY, which was represented by Drettmann Yachts recently. DEY – yacht expedition class length of 24-45 metres, which is Explorer the latest generation. And it is not only and not so much in design as in technical equipment. To replace propulsion units, which were equipped with yacht steel Bandido, it is compact, modern diesel-electric equipment that increases the sustainability of the vessel, reducing noise and vibration and also giving you the opportunity to place the engine compartment closer to the nose, thus opening tremendous opportunities for and living space.

Steel yachts from Drettmann Yachts are equipped with ice belt, that allows owners not to limit their choice of routes. Elegant, practical and functional, these vessels are able to provide the most comfortable existence on Board, regardless of your ideas about sea and ocean travel.