Jonacor Marine is exclusive dealer of Nordkapp Boats in Russia Ukraine and the CIS countries. The Norwegian Nordkapp brand creates innovative boat length up to 9 meters, which are known for excellent seaworthiness, high functionality, original design and low price. From the ground (1967) the philosophy of the shipyard remains unchanged — to build small boats, attracting an expressive design that will be suitable for use in any climate, even under severe weather conditions.

Nordkapp Avant
Nordkapp Enduro
Nordkapp Noblesse
Nordkapp Ranger

Since its inception, the shipyard Nordkapp has focused on creating functional boat suitable for boating in all weather conditions and at any latitude. In addition to excellent sailing characteristics boats Nordkapp famous for their impressive design and excellent reliability. No wonder several models released Norwegian company, won prestigious prizes and awards.

Even the most modest size family boat Nordkapp offering impeccable performance, efficiency and comfort, and most importantly, affordable price. Due to a combination of body materials and engine power of the boats of this brand show low fuel consumption and high speed characteristics. A positive impact on the dynamics of the ship and its sailing qualities, the use of innovative materials and perfect body shape, allowing you to easily get on plane.

Despite the relatively small size and weight, boats Nordkapp able to withstand the most difficult of sailing conditions, including serious disturbances and crosswinds. Due to the elaborate configuration of the sides and nose, the ship is not degraded by water even when heavy entanglement. Plays an important role and excellent handling boats of this brand. They are surprisingly agile and perfectly hold a specified rate, ensuring the stability of the movement as open water and narrow Straits. All maneuvers are carried out with little effort thanks to perfect sound management system.

We should also mention the work of designers on the arrangement of deck space Nordkapp boats.  Ergonomic layout with amazing practicality, exquisite style and flawless execution of every detail – all this attracts to the Nordkapp boats a huge number of buyers. They are great for sports and beach boats, launch boats, tug and just the place for a comfortable pastime on the water. In any case, you will not be disappointed like many thousands of boat owners Nordkapp.