First sea trials of the new Majesty of 120 completed successfully

New superyacht Majesty 120 successfully completed the first sea trials, which were commissioned for conformance to the requirements of the manufacturer of main MTU engines, Kohler generators and other systems. It happened a week before the official release of the superyachts, is scheduled for April. Brilliant novelty from the collection of the superyacht brand Majesty Yachts after a few weeks completely passed the whole series of extensive tests, meeting the highest technical requirements. Replaced the hydraulics of modern electric systems installed on Majesty of 120, will be thoroughly tested under the supervision of Kohler and surveyors of the classification society.

Paul gray, Director of production: "the Successful completion of first sea trials of the new Majesty 120 is one more confirmation of a highly efficient and streamlined production. Superyacht, which was used in combination high-tech fiberglass and carbon fiber, is a true production masterpiece."

According to Mr. gray, none of the systems aboard new yachts needs no hydraulics - everything works on the electric drive system from stabilizing gear, thrusters and steering to extendable balconies and stairways. This significantly reduced the noise level and simplified maintenance of the yacht.

«Мы прислушались к тенденциям современного рынка, применяя эффективные технологии для упрощения обслуживания и эксплуатации яхты, не забывая, при этом, про увеличение комфорта на борту. Суперъяхта Majesty 120 открывает новую эру в мировой истории Majesty Yachts.»

The design of the housing 120 Majesty, designed in a private architectural office Gulf Craft, carrying DNA Majesty Yachts combines dynamic profile with sharp lines and a modern contemporary style. To create a unique interior of the new yacht Builder Gulf Craft has worked in collaboration with the famous Italian team Cristiano Gatto Design Team. This is the second joint project after the Grand success of Majesty 140, which was awarded many international awards in Europe and the United States.

На борту Majesty 120 можно с комфортом разместить до 10 пассажиров в пяти просторных каютах. Кроме того, на яхте предусмотрено место для семи членов экипажа. Валовый тоннаж новой модели - 290 тонн, она оснащена двумя двигателями MTU мощностью по 2600 л.с. Общая длина суперъяхты – 37 м (120’), ширина - 8.10 м (26’), а осадка - 2 м (7’).

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