It's time to plan a vacation!

What do you think will happen when the restrictions on movement will be lifted, the borders will open, and airlines will resume flights? Correctly, the demand for all types of travelers, including yacht will be huge! So it is time to think about booking a Charter online system

Convenient than this system?

First, here you will find best deals for the season 2020-2021 gg. from leading Charter operators all over the world.
Secondly, our portal prices displayed in real-time, all photos yacht - relevant. So you'll know exactly how to look the chosen boat, and you will not see any "pitfalls" and unpleasant surprises.
Thirdly, in the fleet appeared a lot of new boats, who had just come off the slips - they can book with a pleasant discount.

Why we advise you to book right now? The fact that the Deposit is just 15% against 50% that you would have had to pay at the usual time.
Furthermore, it is now time to choose a region and plan a route, we will be happy to help.
Finally, most importantly - pre-payment will allow you to change the date of the Charter and move them, including 2021, if the quarantine mode in Russia and other countries will be extended.

Be healthy and hire a yacht on the best terms with Jonacor Marine.