About us


Jonacor Marine is international yacht Agency, наши специалисты работают с судами и верфями по всему миру, подыскивая лучшие варианты, контролируя ход сделок, проводя смотры, отслеживая новинки от верфей.

В России Jonacor Marine является эксклюзивным дистрибьютором верфи Gulf Craft (ОАЭ), представленной на рынке брендами Nomad Yachts и Majesty Yachts, а также Oryx Sport Cruisers и Silvercraft, Horizon Yachts (Тайвань), Drettmann Yachts (Германия), Sargo Boats и Brizo Yachts (Финляндия), Delta Powerboats (Швеция), Okean Yachts (Бразилия), Nordkapp (Норвегия), а также единственным представителем парусных яхт Hallberg-Rassy (Швеция). Помимо этого, с 2012 года Jonacor Marine является официальным дилером Azimut Yachts (Италия) в Санкт-Петербурге и Северо-Западном регионе РФ.


The basic principle of Jonacor Marine high standards of service and accurate compliance with obligations.

Here are just a few reasons to contact us:

  • Строительство яхт на мировых верфях with the participation of Jonacor Marine is a guarantee of full compliance of a vessel depending on your needs, wishes and possibilities.
  • The cost of a vessel acquired with Jonacor Marine, in line with the international price level, and the scheme of payment most comfortable for each of our clients.
  • Jonacor Marine service affects all areas of owning a yacht, ranging from solving technical problems to legal issues and proper logistics.

Продажа катеров и яхт в Санкт-Петербурге от Jonacor Marine - это абсолютно прозрачная история судна, с момента создания проекта до передачи яхты или катера новому владельцу.


We carry a professional selection of crew for sailing yachts of any size to operate the vessel anywhere in the world.

We help our clients make the right choice when buying a boat and save money over the entire period of its use. We represent on the Russian market of motor and sailing yachts, corresponding to the highest standards, and help to find the best deals on the market for used boats. On this website under the brokers You can find ads for all the latest offers yachts and boats.

The construction of yachts by individual orders, create the project from scratch, the choice of architectural and design solutions in the construction of new yachts, representing the interests of the customer at the shipyard, installation of additional equipment - the problem that we solve on a daily basis, as well as transportation of boats, their operation, maintenance and Charter (boats for rent).

With a wide international network of partners, Jonacor Marine allows its customers to obtain the best conditions for the purchase of the yacht and its further maintenance. You can see for yourself. For many years we learned how to professionally to turn dreams and passions of our clients into reality, but what is most interesting is our customers, we never stop developing - they come back to us again and again.