Azimut Yachts

Jonacor Marine is the official dealer Azimut Yachts Russia in Saint-Petersburg and in the North-West of Russia.
The shipbuilding craft, where tradition and experience are valued as innovation. Brand Azimut Yachts on the market for over 50 years and during that time has earned a reputation as a reliable and experienced manufacturer. While at the shipyard is constantly introducing innovations that can improve the prestige and high-tech yachts. Azimut Yachts is part of the group the Azimut Benetti Group and is the world's leading manufacturer of exclusive motor yachts, equipped with the latest technology. Reliable and stylish Azimut yachts truly embody the passion for the sea. The model carries a special Italian charm and attention to detail completes the composition, creating the style excellence of Italian luxurious Luxury yachts. If You are looking for a motor yacht for a comfortable, secure and easy sea travel – Azimut Yachts offers a selection of five lines that can satisfy even the most demanding yachtsman.

Flybridge Collection
S Collection
Magellano Collection
Grande Collection
Atlantis Collection

Legendary Builder Azimut Yachts traces its history back to 1969, when its founder Paolo Vitelli started a freight sail boat. Since 1977, Azimut Yachts has been creating first-class motor yachts and since then has earned a reputation as the leading shipbuilder.

Yacht Azimut the perfect embodiment of luxury and comfort. When they are created using innovative materials and revolutionary advances in the field of yakhtostroiteley. Equipped in accordance with the highest requirements, motor yacht «Азимут» сделают ваше морское приключение максимально комфортным и безопасным.

Yachts Azimut – это десятки моделей, от классических до экстравагантных, представленных в пяти коллекциях:

  • Flybridge – motor yacht class "luxury". This series of planing a classic yacht has repeatedly won prestigious awards. Flawless lines, respectable materials and individual style Azimut yachts Flybridge conquer the hearts of lovers of sea voyages at first sight.
  • S Collection – a series that combines a sporty character with elegance. A distinctive feature of the line is impeccable agility and excellent agility. If you prefer extreme and speed, but extreme comfort, S Collection will be the perfect option.
  • Magellano – series expedition yacht, created for fans of distant wanderings. Reliable, comfortable and technically perfect cruise ships, this collection will make the voyage unforgettable. To buy a yacht Azimut Magellano will want those for whom freedom is not an empty phrase.
  • Atlantis – series, combining technical perfection and sophisticated design. Yachts that are able to challenge the water element, but it organically flows into it. Elegant forms, exclusive materials and high technology to attract the attention of those who are confident in their desire to have the perfect yacht.
  • Grande – this collection stands out even among the colorful splendor of Azimut yachts other series. To buy a yacht Azimut series Grande is for those who want to get the most in everything: speed, comfort, exclusivity characteristics. On three-deck vessel with a length of 100 feet, the travelers can enjoy the sea, plunging into the world of real luxury.

Buying a yacht is a decision that does not tolerate vanity and spontaneity. The company Jonacor Marine, the official representative of the shipyard Azimut Saint-Petersburg and North-West of Russia, offers to begin your journey into the world of luxury yachts with professional advice. We will consider all your wishes and needs and will create all conditions so that you soon went on Board the private yachts Azimut, St. Petersburg.