Brizo Yachts

Jonacor Marine is Brizo Yachts an exclusive distributor in Russia Ukraine and the CIS countries. From the beginning the goal was to become Brizo Yachts are not like everyone. For this, it was decided to build aluminum yacht the way they are presented to the client. So you will never see two identical aluminum boats Brizo.
All boats are unique. With the start of construction of the vessel, representatives of the shipyard are trying to communicate with the customer as much as possible to take into account and comply with his wishes even in the smallest detail. During construction, the customer can visit the production site at any time and see how the process of building his boat.
The history of the company dates back to the late 1970s, when he built the first boat for transport, made to order, such as those that are now used daily. After that, a lot aluminum boats for professional use.
In 2011 was founded the brand Brizo Yachts. The company changed its activity towards the production of unique boats of a class "Lux", and the motto of the new brand was the phrase – "Yes! It is possible!".

BY30/30 FLY
BY34/34 FLY
BY42/42 FLY
BY50/50 FLY
BY60/60 FLY

Brizo Yachts is aluminum boats luxury, fully created in order. The Finnish boatyard vessel length 28-78 ft, hand-picked team of experienced professionals.

Customers are invited to choose one of the modifications of aluminum yachts:

  • pleasure-fishing boat with side length of 9 meters
  • yachts and boats at jet-go with a length of 11 meters;
  • motor aluminum yacht with a fly bridge with a length of 13 meters;

When creating boats of the shipyard specialists Brizo Yachts take into account any needs of the customer and embody all the ideas, even if they are not part of the common. This concept makes court from Brizo Yachts exclusive masterpiece of engineering.

In the manufacture of boats and yachts use the latest achievements of the steel industry. Special alloys enable us to implement most complex projects, and experience of master and powerful industrial resources to guarantee the efficiency and perfect quality all the way of creating a ship – from design to final test drive.

Customers around the world appreciate the great precision of the Finnish motor boats. And this is not surprising because the shipyards use innovative equipment for cutting and welding metals. At the height of not only the carcass but also the technical stuffing. Boats Brizo Yachts is unparalleled reliability, durability and low costs for maintenance and repair.

Seaworthy boats from Brizo Yachts is able to provide the most comfortable conditions regardless of the length of the route and the mood of the water element. Absolute safety combined with excellent cruising characteristics – what else you need for sea travel?

With regard to external qualities of the boats Brizo Yachts, they are the envy of most luxury yachts. Each ship is exclusive, the other simply does not exist, in fact this is the main principle of the shipyard Brizo Yachts.

International yacht Agency Jonacor Marine will help you to realize the dream of a perfect boat. We take care of all the complexity of the interaction with the shipbuilder, and you will just have to ready the ship and get up in his wheel.