Jonacor Marine is exclusive distributor of Horizon Yachts in Russia Ukraine and the CIS countries. The birth of Taiwanese shipyard Horizon Yachts is obliged to designer John Lu, who was able to create and bring to world market serious brand quickly earned a solid reputation. 
The company operates in the industry for 28 years: during this time she has created more than 160 unique superyachts and nearly 600 motor yachts of medium length. Horizon Yachts delivers the third volume of exports of yachts in Taiwan and eight years in a row has won the title of "Best motor yacht in Asia."
Today, Horizon Yachts is the first and only Asian member of the Association of superyacht shipyards (SYBAss) and the fifth largest shipyard in the world from those that build private ships of a class "Lux".

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Own staff of engineers and designers allows Horizon shipyard to produce ships that fully meet the highest world standards and requests of customers. The extensive model range includes a variety of modifications to the yachts, including:

  • yacht with fast displacement hull;
  • planing with flybridge;
  • motor super yachts;
  • expedition yachts and trawlers (Horizon Explorer);
  • motor cruiser catamarans.

Yachts Horizon – это результат тщательной инженерной работы, инновационного подхода к дизайну и использования самых современных материалов и технологий. Они создаются для тех, кто любит океанские просторы не меньше, чем свой собственный дом, а значит, уровень комфорта и безопасности яхт этой марки соответствует самым высоким требованиям.

Reliable equipment ensures the unique characteristics of autonomy and range of transitions, and the body has the perfect shape so that easy sliding is guaranteed in all weather conditions.

Over the years of its existence, the shipyard, the Horizon has released over 600 motor yachts medium size segment and about 160 unique superyacht. Today, this company is considered to be one of the most successful in the construction market of yacht for sea and ocean travel is in ninth place in the Global Order Book).

Each yacht Horizon – это уникальный сплав изысканного стиля, комфорта и безопасности, подтверждающий высокий статус владельца судна. Отделка внутренних помещений поистине безупречна: исключительно качественные и респектабельные материалы, безупречное исполнение и неповторимые дизайнерские решения.

To decide what kind of style will be embodied in the interiors of the yacht, the customer will in any case at the shipyard Horizon everything will be done to every detail matched the client's beliefs about the ideal yacht. To meet my future boat clients long before its launching. The Horizon use a unique 3D visualization that enables customers to see their dreams take a real shape. 

The smallest nuances the construction of Horizon yachts under the careful supervision of highly skilled craftsmen. With this approach, everyone who bought a yacht of this brand, becomes a regular customer of the shipyard.