The sailing yacht b/a

Buy a sailing yacht used – this is a simple and quick way to go to independent travel on water expanses and more not to depend on the requirements of the Charter companies, nor from the desires of the shipping lines. Only man, only the sail but the sea – no barriers between them can not be!

Sailing yacht used – romance available to everyone

Jonacor Marine is the yacht Agency with extensive experience in the implementation of various yachts and boats. We are official dealers of many well-deserved shipyards and therefore can offer used yachts of all types and sizes.

Large selection

The choice of sailing yachts used in Jonacor Marine is constantly changing due to the receipt of new offers, so you can always find the most suitable sailing boat for your requirements. Please note that all of these yachts are already ready for sale, so you can get them soon and without problems.

Legal support

Selling sailing yacht b/a is associated with a large number of bureaucratic and legal technicalities, which are sometimes difficult to understand, and errors threatened failure of the transaction or financial losses. Therefore, the company Jonacor Marine will help you with the paperwork and provide full legal support.


We value your time, so will assume all operations of buying and selling a used sailboat, including assessment, renewal of documents and protecting both parties from financial and other risks.

Storage and transportation

Every yacht needs proper storage and transportation. It gives her the opportunity over and over again to go to sea, keeping to his captain all the best quality and full functionality. Also we will ensure proper preparation of your boat for the season.


Used boats in need of timely maintenance, they can last a long time. Our engineers have extensive and rich experience of successful repair of yachts from different yards and different classes, so we guarantee fast and quality service.

Additional equipment

Extra ship equipment is a way not only to give the boat used individuality, but to make it best meet the needs of the captain. Calculation of s for you makes a professional designer, work on the installation engineers with a great experience.

How to buy a sailing boat used in Jonacor Marine

To buy a sailboat used in Jonacor Marine, leave a request on any ship on the website or by phone. Also we are waiting for you in our office where we can discuss the smallest details of the transaction. Detailed information about the courts and the work of the company is available on the website in the corresponding sections or directly from our managers.