Rent a yacht for a wedding

In St. Petersburg, yacht rental for a wedding is a way to make a holiday not only elegant, but memorable. Whether it's a simple walk along the canals of St. Petersburg or long trip on the sea, intimate celebration for friends and family or a luxurious reception for many guests – in any case it will be something you remember for a long time, savoring the nice details and looking at the beautiful photos that captured the moment of pure happiness.

Rent a yacht for a wedding in Jonacor Marine – style, beauty and chic

Jonacor Marine is an international Agency offering services of yacht management. We work with the best brands and shipyards, including Horizon, Drettmann , Bandido Nomad and Majesty, as well as Azimut Yachts and others. Each shipyard has its own recognizable style, and quality and beautiful design the boat will not leave anyone indifferent!

Beautiful yachts

Offers luxury sailing and motor yachts is the epitome of grace, elegance and power. You can choose for your wedding a boat of any class and length. For accommodation of guests of the festival there are separate cabins and wide decks. 

Legal support

Rent a yacht for a wedding or for a honeymoon trip requires paperwork, but you don't have to worry about customs or the intricacies of obtaining insurance – we will do it for you.

Crew management

To sail, you need to have rights and experience, but it is not necessary to obtain it yourself. We will select the best crew to make your trip easy and enjoyable. Experienced instructors and sailors, will help you master the basics of sailing, talk about the beauties and dangers of the sea, will see to your safety and will always be where they are needed!

Anywhere in the world

Отправляясь в свадебное путешествие на яхте, вы можете позволить себе любой маршрут, в любую точку мира и в любое время. Яхта – это свобода, которую не должно ограничивать ничего. Мы предлагаем свадебные путешествия на яхтах по России, Греции, ОАЭ, Испании, Италии,  Хорватии, Черногории, Сейшелам, Канарским островам, Австралии и другим странам и континентам. Вы можете выбрать готовый маршрут, а можете составить его самостоятельно, и мы поможем вам выбрать наиболее оптимальные точки с учетом течений и портов.

The price of renting a yacht for a wedding
Rent a yacht for a wedding from 5 000 RUB.

How to rent a yacht for a wedding?

To rent your favorite yacht for your wedding and honeymoon, leave a request on the website or by phone. Also we are waiting for you in our comfortable office where we can discuss the tiniest nuances of the future route and celebration.

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