A sailing license

Obtaining international rights to a yacht is a necessary condition for an independent Charter yacht. Training is made at the International Yacht Training involves both theoretical training and practical training directly on the vessel with the subsequent examination. School captains at Jonacor Marine has the right to issue the certificate, and international rights to operate the yacht and invites you to study in.

Types of rights to the boat

Bareboat Skipper

Bareboat Skipper qualification – the basic qualification that can be obtained when learning from scratch, but it already gives the right to rent a yacht in most agencies. The voyage of captain with this qualification are admitted only on yachts up to 78 feet (24 meters) which are no more than 20 miles from safe Harbor, during daylight hours, under favorable weather conditions. Requirements qualifications: 5-10 days and the passage of not less than 200 nautical miles.

Yachtmaster Coastal

The Yachtmaster Coastal course expands your knowledge and skills and allows you to go on a long coastal voyage. You will receive the right of separation from the shoreline to a distance of 60 miles at any time of the day. To obtain the rights to the yacht for the qualification of Yachtmaster Coastal should be trained at least 5 days for motor yachts and 6 days for sailing, including be at least 800 nautical miles. During this time, you should take a minimum of 2 days to perform the duties of captain and carry out a night-watch at least 12 hours.

Yachtmaster Offshore

The Yachtmaster Offshore certification allows you to go out to sea to a distance of 150 miles from the coast in any suitable for sailing weather. These rights on the boat is usually enough for Amateur trips and participation in professional competitions. Obtaining these rights requires considerable practical experience. You must remain at sea as an active crew member for at least 50 days (and is just outside the harbour), of which at least 30 hours of incurring night watch (and 6 of those must be in the status of the captain). During this time, you must be at least 3000 miles, of which at least 2,000 miles of coastal sailing. You will also need the certificate of the radio operator.

How to get a sailing license in Jonacor Marine

To get the international rights to the boat at Jonacor Marine, you need to take courses that are appropriate for your current skills. We also give the certificate, VHF Radio Operator, required for a rent a yacht, most Charter companies to obtain a certificate Yachtmaster Offshore. Detailed information about the subjects and teachers you can get, leaving the application or on the relevant pages of the website. The course is taught by qualified teachers – professionals, having vast experience in their field.

Don't wait till the dream will come true she will get the right to operate the yacht and travel by your own rules!

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