Legal support

If you intend to become the owner of the boat, You would prefer to entrust the legal aspects of professional yacht Agency. Design documents and customs clearance, yacht registration, and obtaining the rights to manage the small boat. Legal aspects also arise when selling a yacht. Here an important point of comfortable transfer of ownership, quickly and without risks for both parties.


Credit and leasing tools You can become a yacht owner by paying a lump sum only 30-40% of its value. However, funding should not be viewed as a source of funds, but rather as a tool to avoid a one-time deflection of a considerable amount of investment or business. 

We cooperate with banks and financial companies in Switzerland, Germany, Holland, Liechtenstein, and have a positive experience in the organization and support of transactions on obtaining Russian citizens loan or lease for the acquisition of yachts abroad.

Turning to us, You get access to the most attractive credit and lease products for purchase yachts from the leading European banks.

From our experts You can free to consult on all matters related to the purchase of the yacht in Russia or abroad.

The process of getting a loan with us is quite simple and requires no effort on Your part. Every transaction is unique. The client's desire to maintain confidentiality for us is undeniable.

Usually easier to get financing for a new yacht if the seller is an official dealer. There are two main types of financing: credit and leasing. The maximum loan period in Russia is 3 years. The Bank mandatory checks the financial status of the client. Loan payments must at least twice be covered with disposable income.

Despite the availability of standardized financial products, each transaction is unique for us, we are ready to consider any wishes of the client and find the only right solution for You.

Yacht transportation

We transport the yacht by any mode of transport other than air. Transportation of oversized cargo may be carried out using sea and road transport (in some cases these services are combined). A key condition for safe and timely delivery is the cooperation with a reliable carrier, proper preparation of all accompanying documents, compulsory insurance, including transportation.

Trucking companies are very rarely willing to take responsibility for the fulfillment of the delivery terms. In addition, the cost of delivery of the yacht may increase significantly if the accompanying paperwork is processed properly. The cooperation with experienced professionals – is a guarantee on the timing, safety and significant cost savings. Your yacht delivered to your house.

Service and maintenance

No trip on the boat is not possible without reliable equipment. The company Jonacor Marine navigation not only sells equipment but also provides complete technical support for yachts in any country of the world. We will provide You assistance with respect to navigation equipment, engines, body etc. in addition to service, we provide a wide range of radio navigation equipment, spare parts, etc.

In addition, we will provide You with the best service conditions. Since 2012 the company Jonacor Marine is an authorized service center and sales center "Azimut hotel" in St. Petersburg and Northwest region of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Petrovskaya Kosa, house 9).

The yacht Agency Jonacor Marine offers private yacht owners a full range of services in warranty and post-warranty servicing, repair, equipping and retrofitting of water equipment.

All work is performed in accordance with the international standards using the most modern diagnostic equipment that can detect the slightest fault. Experts Jonacor Marine use certified producers of components and equipment, strictly adhere to the regulations of maintenance and comply with work ethic.

Boat repair with Jonacor Marine – guarantee hassle-free travel anywhere in the world. We maintain close partnerships with leading shipyards and provide technical yacht service where necessary to our clients.

We pay special attention to training marine yachts and boats for the season navigation in the process which you full service of critical parts and assemblies, verification of navigation equipment, security systems and life support systems, cleaning the deck and all interior.

Our clients can be assured that all work will be performed at the impeccable level of quality and in the shortest possible time.

Yacht registration

We provide full cycle of registration in the foreign register of the ship – from company registration to receive flag and determine the port of registry. Usually our clients choose the British ship register with the ports PostScript Guernsey, Jersey, Gibraltar, Isle of man.

Thus, our customers enjoy the benefits of British flag (Red Ensign). Flag Red Ensign appeared in the 17th century, initially on the ships of the British Royal Navy. Later, this flag was also used on British merchant ships. This flag is accepted in all ports of the world and is comfortable flag for private pleasure yachts, and is also suitable for commercial courts (district and Charter). In addition to offshore registration we provide registration in European ship registers, including Malta and Luxembourg. We advise our clients on VAT and obtaining the relevant certificate.

Certificate of payment of VAT relieves the shipowner from having annual yield from inland waters of the Eurozone. In this case, the payment of VAT under the scheme of the Maltese, Italian or French leasing allows you to reduce your taxable income from 22% to 1% (and sometimes less) of the cost of the vessel. These leasing schemes are provided by the legislation of many European countries. We provide registration of vessels both commercial and private use (pleasure yacht). You can choose any shipping registry at Your discretion.

We are also working with the register of the state of Delaware in the United States. Registration in Russia includes the correct execution of cargo customs Declaration for import and obtaining ship ticket to GIMS (on the basis of the construction certificate and GTE). Re-registration of rights of ownership is also carried out in the GIMS on the basis of the contract of purchase and sale and statements.

Crew management

Selection of the captain is a challenging and time-consuming process. In the first place, has significance experience, knowledge of the characteristics of different types of yachts, intelligence and diligence. The great value has knowledge of local sailing conditions.

Positive recommendation yachting Agency will help to avoid unpleasant surprises when choosing a captain and crew. No matter whether You need a captain to make a move or for a permanent job, we can provide You with reliable recommendations.

Technical management

First time up on the deck of your boat or yacht, You have already mentally planned his first trip. But without reliable navigational equipment this journey to realize is unlikely. Our goal for the navigation equipment is not just its sale. We provide full technical management in any part of the world.

We provide service in all aspects, including maintenance of navigation systems, diagnostics and repair of engines, hull works. In addition to the service we supply a wide range of radio navigation equipment, spare parts and components for power plants, as well as sensible things and the rigging. In addition technical management includes providing the best terms for Parking and winter storage anywhere in the world, bunkering and supply. As a rule, the entire technical management is the responsibility of a captain.

Yacht insurance

We provide insurance services of yachts and boats on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad. We cooperate with the world's largest insurance agents and insurance companies, such as Pantenius, Wehring & Wolfes.

We also provide services for insurance of boats and yachts on the territory of the Russian Federation (Ingosstrakh, Rosgosstrakh).

Yacht insurance – оптимальный способ избежать финансовых рисков, связанных с владением судном. Кроме того, наличие страховки является необходимостью, если вы планируете путешествовать в акватории Европы и других зарубежных стран.

Jonacor Marine customers have the opportunity to use a range of modern insurance products, acting not only in Russia but all over the world. Insurance programs provide coverage for a variety of risks. You can purchase insurance policy for the yacht, guaranteeing protection from any damages and covering the liability of the owner in all situations or to give preference to insurance of individual elements of the vessel and the chosen risks.

All insurance products are the class of the vessel and the international standards of insurance, and due to the fact that Jonacor Marine is cooperating with the leading insurance companies of Russia and the world, insurance to the yacht will have a acceptable cost.

Berth assistance

We provide our clients with services on selection and booking of places in marinas. You can contact us to rent a Parking space in any yachting port of the world. In most cases we can offer a discount from the official prices. Winter storage of yachts in Finland, will also cost You less when you contact our company.

Properly organized winter storage of yachts – гарантия длительного срока службы судна. Если вы не планируете выходить на яхте в период зимней навигации, доверьте ее хранение яхтенному агентству Jonacor Marine. Мы согласуем и обеспечим стоянку вашего судна в любой из удобных для вас марин, в какой бы точке мира она ни находилась.

In the service of winter storage of yachts includes not only the Park, but transportation, descent-ascent, preservation of the vessel, non-navigation service, the preparation for the season. In addition, the contract provides for the insurance of the yacht and full liability of the custodian.

Entrusting storing yacht during the winter period the Agency Jonacor Marine, you can be sure that your water transport will be in absolute safety, and with the onset of the navigation season will be ready to conquer the sea.

Also important is the fact that our customers can count on the reasonable cost of services for winter keeping of yachts.

Full yacht management

The management of a large yacht can be as difficult as managing a large company with a similar turnover. As with any enterprise, the management of the yacht is connected with the whole set of complex professional tasks: personnel management, health and safety, technical and legal aspects of the activities. With the strengthening of international laws governing the aspects related to large yacht, the necessary time and “paperwork” will take too much physical and mental effort of the Captain.

The direction of the Yacht Management company Jonacor Marine was created specifically to simplify the process of managing and owning a large yacht. The main task is to take care of all technical and administrative issues so that the owner could spare maximum time enjoying the yacht. The unique structure of the à la carte allows you to choose for each yacht's most popular areas and make a unique program of support while ensuring the highest quality of service. Jonacor Marine works exclusively with highly qualified personnel, experienced marine engineers, technical officers, financial managers, each of whom specializiruetsya in a certain direction of Yacht Management.

We propose a simple and realistic approach to yacht management designed to maximize enjoyment of the owner from his vessel and increasing the commercial potential of the yacht.

The direction of yacht management:

  • insurance
  • personnel management
  • technical support
  • operations management and logistics
  • security management
  • in financial management
  • Charter management

Sales & purchase support

With Jonacor Marine, You can be sure of selling Your boat or yacht will know exactly those people who are really interesting. We will assist in the implementation of pre-sale preparation and conduct expert valuation of the yacht for free. We will advertise the sale of yachts, boats in all significant sources, including on the Internet and in print media.

We organize meetings with potential clients and help you safely and comfortably to sell and register the property. We create comfortable conditions for the buyer and seller in which neither party does not bear risk during the transition of ownership and payments. If you decided to sell Your yacht, You will need the assistance of a qualified broker.

We use an extensive database of clients and know their preferences. We systematically study the supply and demand and know to whom and at what price to offer Your boat. In addition, the entire process of legal support of the sale of the yacht will also be provided by us, including a comfortable transition of ownership without any risks for both parties. This is the meaning of treatment in the professional yachting Agency the sale of the yacht.

Collaborate with experts who will protect Your interests during the transaction for buying or selling a yacht. On this site You will find the best deals for the sale and forwarding of motor luxury yachts, as well as selling boats, used not only in professional services but also for fishing at any time of the year. And Charter Department of the company Jonacor can offer You all kinds of services related to the organization of Your comfortable, active and positive recreation on a yacht around the world.