Delta Powerboats

Jonacor Marine is exclusive dealer of Delta Power Boats in Russia Украине и странах СНГ.

Delta Powerboats Scandinavian company, known for its significant innovations: the use of carbon fiber in the construction of high-speed marine boats and yachts. Yachtsmen all over the world appreciate the production boats of Delta Powerboats for their reliability, brilliant driving performance and modern design.

The company was founded in 2003 by three Swedes - Alestalo Lennart, Lars by Modinis and Carl Wessel and since then has developed very quickly thanks to the special philosophy and individual approach to each client. To date, Delta Powerboats is the world famous brand, awarded an honorary award. For example, the shipyard is proud of its flagship model Delta 80, awarded Motor Boat Award 2015 in the category "Custom Yachts".
Innovations that are constantly tested and put into production, make it more and more every year to improve the indicators and characteristics of boats, Delta Powerboats. Carbon yachts much easier than the competition, and, consequently, more fast. Besides, sailing yachts from carbon fiber more economical – and thus more beneficial service for owners. These benefits are confirmed each time during test drives conducted by Delta Powerboats for customers and the press.
Swedish boats, Delta Powerboats attract the eye in marinas the world with its modern design, simple and, at the same time, elegant design. The interior of the Scandinavian boats of the shipyard is made of high quality and ultra modern materials. The clean lines of the exterior of boats, Delta Powerboats distinguish seaworthiness of boats of the shipyard among the other boats.

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T 26
26 Open
290 SW
33 Open
33 CE
340 SW
400 SW
54 IPS Carbon
60 Open
88 Carbon

Today, the Swedish brand Delta PowerBoats is one of the fastest growing companies in the shipbuilding market. Constantly improving their speed boats, this young Builder focuses on leadership in design, technology and reliability. Yachts and marine boat Delta PowerBoats is a guarantee of the highest characteristics of seaworthiness, controllability and efficiency.

Fast boats and yachts Delta PowerBoats a third lighter compared to yachts of the same class from other brands, due to the use of their innovative carbon fiber construction used in aircraft and manufacture of cars of class "luxury". As a result, a significant reduction of fuel consumption while maintaining speed performance. A lot increase the performance of the yacht Delta and providing the innovative engines of the Swedish company Volvo.

In addition to the excellent design and innovative technical solutions marine boat Delta PowerBoats are characterized by flawless functionality. They are perfect for those who prefer a reasonable balance between high capacity, reliability and safety. On Delta PowerBoats water technique you can really rely on, whatever the conditions of sea travel.

For several years the Delta shipyard was launched more than 250 boats and yachts with hull length from 25 to 88 feet, are represented in nine different versions. All of them, having numerous enhancements and upgrades produced to this day.

Delta PowerBoats offers marine vessels the following series:

  • Катера с закрытой рубкой (морские внедорожники)  Delta 29 SW, 34 SW, 400 SW– скоростные катера для путешествий в любую погоду. Отличаются выдающимися мореходными качествами, большим запасом мощности и увеличенными топливными баками. Катера этой серии многофункциональны, нетребовательны к сервису и предоставляют возможность круглогодичной навигации.
  • Open (design daycrusers or boat of the day) Delta Open Delta 26 and 33 Open boats with non-standard appearance. Key features – high technology, unique appearance and perfect practicality.
  • Delta 54 IPS and the Delta 80 Carbon (made entirely of carbon fiber) – ships with great range and excellent speed characteristics. Due to the body carbon fiber yachts of this series are characterized by economical fuel consumption.

Each boat undergoes a series of tests on an individual Protocol, which begins in the pool yard and ends in the open sea. The vast majority of details is done manually and passes multistage quality control. This approach allows Delta PowerBoats to offer its customers extremely reliable and durable of the court, ready for any test.