Jonacor Marine is exclusive Hallberg-Rassy distributor in Russia Ukraine and the CIS countries. Sailing yacht Hallberg Rassy known worldwide for their reliability, craftsmanship and outstanding seaworthiness. We value them for their unique design and excellent quality. From the beginning, Hallberg Rassy yachts built, which is convenient and nice to go on a long journey, year after year, improving them to meet the wishes of customers. Remain unchanged only the tradition Hallberg-Rassy: quality, reliability and unique spirit.


Since its founding in 1943, the shipyard Hallberg-Rassy creates a comfortable sailing yacht for long sea crossings. The principle of operation remains unchanged for decades – only flawless reliability, excellent technical characteristics, durability and the highest level of comfort.

The vast majority of modifications to the yachts Hallberg-Rassy become absolute bestsellers. And this is not surprising because a set of their characteristics will please any self-respecting yachtsman. Yacht sailing this European shipyards are completed in accordance with the high demands for the quality and amount of equipment.

Comfortable, easily controllable and maneuverable sailing yacht, price which is fully consistent quality, will be the embodiment of your dream of conquering the sea. Each model combines innovative and precise engineering calculations. As a result, yachts Hallberg-Rassy attractive in all respects, ranging from the arrangement of cabins, ending long-term maintenance-free service.

The situation on the boat will allow you to feel no less comfortable than on land, and their reliability will make it easy to circumnavigate the globe. Over the years of its existence, the shipyard Hallberg-Rassy has created more than 10 thousand sailing ships now plying the oceans around the world, including Europe, Asia and the USA. Today you have a unique opportunity to purchase a luxury vessel of this brand in Russia.

The main features of a sailing yacht Hallberg-Rassy include:

  • the ability to not be limited in the choice of the length of the route;
  • perfectly reliable design of a rudder and keel;
  • excellent handling characteristics;
  • sensitive management and smooth running;
  • the ergonomic layout and a large area of the cabin;
  • perfect equipment and technical equipment;
  • the wide possibilities of individualization;
  • valuations-even after prolonged use.

International yacht Agency Jonacor Marine is selling a sailing yacht Hallberg-Rassy with individual selection models based on your preferences, needs and expectations. We will promptly solve any issues related to the ordering, logistics, service and legal clearance of yachts.