Azimut 27 metri is the embodiment of the latest technologies in the field of engineering and design

Azimut 27 metri considered to be one of the best known yacht manufacturer Azimut Yachts. The company presents buyers the most comfortable model, which has become a brave and dignified response of the firm to the demands of a modern audience. Large internal spaces and spacious decks provide an opportunity to spend leisure time inside or to sunbathe, enjoying the panoramic views outside.

Azimut 27 metri

The length of the yacht is 26,78 meters and the width is 6.59 metres. Add-ons are made of lightweight materials - carbon fiber, which does not weigh down the ship.

«Вишенкой на торте» станет наличие ультрасовременных технологий, которые упрощают the boat, and provide a higher level of comfort. A well-designed monitoring system allows you to monitor the performance and condition of all nodes.

The interior will impress any buyer. Panoramic Windows allows you to fill the light space, while crisp white interiors enhance this effect. Well-furnished decks will allow to accommodate in the fresh air.

Some have already managed to appreciate the beauty of the vessel in a closed the event Azimut Gala. Soon be able to do this every - premiere of this yacht will take place in Cannes..